Integrating Nurstory in Nursing Education


In Fall 2017 the Nurstory team was invited to Florida Atlantic University's College of Nursing's faculty retreat to help the program integrate digital storytelling into nursing education. Dr. Marlaine Smith, Dean of the College, knows and understands the value of not just the dialogue that the viewing/listening of stories fosters, but the role of the distillation of nurses' stories in critical reflection, meaning-making, growth and the battle against burnout and compassion fatigue.

In Spring 2018, a cohort of select faculty will integrate the Nurstory Curriculum into their classes as part of a project to evaluate the effectiveness of the practice on the students.

Read Dr. Leblanc's research on digital storytelling in social justice nursing education

The report from FAU will be posted here upon completion.

If you're interested in bringing digital storytelling to your nursing program or nursing practice, contact us!

It’s very powerful to hear a story like this that reminds us that nursing is so much more
than the discrete skills we learn or the disease processes occurring in our patients. The
humanity central to nursing is what should most inform our practice. Patients remember
the way we made them feel, not the interventions/procedures/skills we performed.
— Student in Raeann Leblanc's research on digital storytelling in social justice nursing